Agility Training Tips

From: Jim and Norman's,
       March-April 98 Windy City Training Classes

1. Where the dog's nose goes, the rest of the dog must follow.

2. Know the sequence before you ever walk onto the course.  Don't plan  on winging
it.   Stay focused on the course prior to your run.

3. Work at making the activity itself the reward.  Move from primary reinforcers   
   (food) to secondary reinforcers (praise) which you can bring into the ring.

4. Use your attitude towards your teammate and training to build the "team".

5. Dogs will take a parallel path to the handler's path.

6. Know the course because your dog doesn't.  Communicate the course to your
partner with  non-verbal cues.  Make sure that your dog successfully negotiates      
the current obstacle before worrying about then next obstacle.  Don?t call out an
obstacle name unless  your dog is focused on the proper obstacle.

7. A cross-behind after the obstacle is often more elegant and less susceptible to

8. Never take your eyes off your dog!

9. Remember the ABC's of agility:

               a- Look at
               b- Signal
               c- Command every obstacle

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