Welcome to the home site of The Hounds of Marrakech where you can follow
the future exploits of Norman, the Poodle, Sirocco and Burak, the Salukis,
and their friends Jim and Bobbi. Jim has been involved with dogs for a good
portion of his life. (No he is not telling you how many years!!)  In his youth
during the '50's Jim grew up with cockers and boarder collies. When she
was young, Bobbi grew up with poodles and a cocker.  In the '70's and '80's
Jim and his family had Max a Corgi mix.

Norman, Sirocco and Burak live and play on the beaches of Lake Michigan in
a town called Beverly Shores, Indiana - it is about 60 miles south east of
Chicago.  In addition to their human friends they have many canine friends
and associates who you may meet from time to time. They are:

Jake, Sid, and Otis who are Jim's son's dogs.  They live in Virginia near
Washington D.C..

Rozie, an Afghan puppy who is Sirocco's girlfriend,  she lives in FLorida with
aunt Julie and the gang.

Orchid and her pups who are Sirocco's children.

Jacques, Sirocco's brother who lives in Michigan with his mother Mieko and
aunt Fawn.  They live with their human friends Susan and Joh
Aunt Julie
Sirocco and Rozie
Bobbi with
Norman and Sirocco

on day bought
puppy home
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