Agility Lessons learned from an uneventful weekend:

1) All dogs have the potential of going zoomie at their first outdoor event of the season
after running indoors for four months -- we asked to be excused on Saturday since one of
the team members was not playing by my rules.

2) It is probably not a good idea to change the way you are going to run the course by
looking at what others are doing --99% of the time your first inclinations were right. You
know how your dog moves and anticipates your moves when you walk the course and they are
probably not the same as the other teams.

3) Communication is key especially in JWW where it is over in the blink of an eye. Watch
your body movement and position because your team mate is cueing off of it.

4) Keep telling our selves this is just for fun -- me and my teammate are here to have fun.