Memorial to
Norman the Poodle

Registration Name: Normandy Della Grove CD, CGC, OA, AXJ, UAG1, UAG2, Therapy Dog

Call Name: Norman

Sire: J-C's Marching Thor

Dam: J-C's Accent on Athena

Breeder Celeste Bryant

DOB: March 8, 1994
Memorial to
 Normandy Della Grove CD, CGC, OA, AXJ, UAG1, UAG2, Therapy Dog
AKA Norman the Beach Poodle

It is with a sad and heavy heart that at 8:45 A.M. CST on December 11, 2009 our
beloved Norman pass over the rainbow bridge in the arms of Bobbi and myself.  
The crossing was a peaceful event and something that we knew was coming for the
past couple of weeks.  Norman could no longer stand by him self and yesterday he
hardly moved at all taking very little water or food.  At 7:30 that morning we took
him into Dr. Scot who did a quick blood panel with the results indicating a high
infection though the liver reading were the same as taken in September the kidneys
showed signs of dehydration.  Dr. Scot said we could put him on an IV and
antibiotics but chances were he would not be able to stand.  The decision was simply
one of quality of life.  

Bobbi and I had a strong feeling the night before that this was the time for
Norman to make that journey by himself and had time to say our good byes.  Now
is the time to reflect on all the good memories and times we have had together for
the past 15 plus years.  On March 8,2010 Norman would have been 16 years old.  

It all started on June 6, 1994 when this little black fur ball from the pan handle of
Oklahoma came into our life.  There was a brief attempt at confirmation then a
move to the obedience ring and then on to his two loves agility and working with
stroke victims as a therapy dog. Then in 1999 with the arrival of Sirocco, Norman
had a new assignment and that was the training of a saluki to fit into the Petru
household.  He accomplished that so well that in September of 2005 he got the
opportunity to do it all again with Burak.

Now Norman starts a new adventure with Brad’s Jake and Jennifer’s Scout, and
then there is Susie’s Mieko, Aunt Tabby and Aunt Fawn who finally were able to
accept the long black haired family member that Sirocco kept bring to their home
for visits. Norman we will miss you deeply for all of the unconditional love you have
given us these past 15 years.

Love always your alpha wolf.

“I’m not there with you today but know that I haven’t gone astray.

I am the wind blowing through your hair and the warmth you feel in the air.

When that smile creeps on your face, remember that I am in a good place.
And when you’re feeling sad and down, recall memories of me running around.

You don’t need to look low and high, just search way deep inside.
And know that we’ll never be apart, for I have left my pawprints on your heart.

                                                       Your loving poodle

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