Khamsin's Bedawi El Marrakech
Date of Birth July 25, 2005
Breeders: Susan Konopa,
Jim Petru, Buss and Kelly Miller
Owner: Susie Konopa
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Smooth Girl
Born 1:31 am -- first puppy in litter

Weight 1 pound  ounce
Color at birth: Gun metal gray
grizzle with white collar and heart
shaped blaze on head
Barakisch Orkideh Yaganeh
Barakish Jahtalab Letafat x Sedeki Id
SBIS Am./Can. Ch. Khamsin’s Sirocco El Marrakech F.Ch
Sedeki Fez X SBIS Am. Can. Ch. Windstorm Mieko An Khamsin
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Day 5
Day 23
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Month 5
Month 6
Best in Sweeps at Empire
February 2006
Month 8
Almost Month 10
Bedawi with cousin Memphis
Month 10
A good day for the Khamsin/El Marrakech Smooths at the Kalamazoo Cluster show
Left to Right Trina and Deric (Judges), Susie with Orchid, DJ with Adam, Starr with Bedawi
Month 11
Month 13
Month 15
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