The Saluki  known in Asia, Egypt and Persia since before the time of Christ, first
appeared in England about 100 years ago, but he has been recognized as an AKC
breed in this country only since 1927.  This "Royal Dog of Egypt" as he was called,
was never sold for he was considered sacred by his ancient masters who used him
in pursuit of gazelle and antelope. He is the swiftest of all dogs, a fact
subsequently promoting his use in England and on the Continent of Europe as a
racing dog.  Like the Greyhound this dog was designed by nature for speed -- he
is narrow, deep-chested and a bit rounded over the loin.  The epitome of grace,
he is naturally affectionate and very gentle.
And Then There Was Sirocco

In the spring of '99 Jim and Bobbi added another puppy to their household.  This
time Jim did his homework on researching breeds, breeders, and activities he
wanted to do with his new canine friend.

Jim was primarily looking for a teammate in agility.  Salukis had always peaked
Jim's interest for their elegance, speed and natural agility.   It was then that
Jim was introduced to Susan, whose Mieko was due to have puppies in early June.

Susan and her husband John, who live in Michigan,  indoctrinated Jim to Salukis in
August when he brought home one of Mieko's 13-week-old cream colored boys. It
was then that Sirocco became a new member of Jim and Bobbi and Norman’s

It is hoped that Sirocco will not only perform in the breed ring for confirmation
but also have his life enriched as he experiences agility, lure coursing, and
obedience training.
Sirocco in his favorite chair
September 1999
What leaves Dad?
October 1999
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