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Home of Norman the Poodle, Sirocco the Saluki, Burak (Sirocco's son)
and their human friends Jim and Bobbi
Am GCh./Can Ch. Khamsin's Burak El
Burak gets his
AKC Grand Championship
eptember 11, 2010
Normandy Della Grove CD, OA, AXJ, UAG2
March 8, 1994 to December 11, 2009
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SBIS Am/Can Ch. Khamsin's Sirocco El Marrakech FCh.
Copyright Xandra by Design Sept. 2006
Sirocco wins BISS at
Empire State Specialty
September 30, 2001
Burak Gets his Canadian
at the Ontario Gazehound
August 5, 2007
Copyright, Shot on Site Photo September 2001
SIROCCO is a Dual Champion
ASFA Field Championship
May 12, 2001
Breed Championship
May 27, 2001
Canadian Championship at the
SCOC Nationals
June 28, 2003
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